Constructing and Building with the Master Builder Baumeister Stach GmbH provides construction management of all activities carried out on behalf of the owner, developer or contractor during the course of a building project. Baumeister Stach GmbH provides project monitoring and controlling to ensure that pre- defined objectives have been complied with. This activity includes tracking of quality compliance, costs, deadlines and identifying where performance deviates from set targets. Project monitoring and controlling provides the basis for management processes to be worked out together with the client, owner or developer. Baumeister Stach GmbH also provides project management to represent the interests of  client, owner or developer on the basis of pre-defined objectives and specifications. Because of the extensive experience in the above mentioned fields, Baumeister Stach GmbH is the ideal partner for your current or future projects.
Mobil-Telefon-Nr.: 0664 3552246 Mail:
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